Prairie City Bakery is proud to be the leader in convenience store bakery solutions. We offer you the total package with four distinctive bakery brands that your customers will love. Spanning the everyday to our most premium selections, plus traditional favorites and ethnic offerings, each of our unique brands offers its own consistent look, taste, positioning and price point.

Feature them separately with our attractive display racks or merchandise them together to transform your store into a full- fledged bakery destination. With something for everyone, Prairie City Bakery is your complete package for sweet success.

Prairie City Bakery brand: Premium Thaw & Sell: the Original.

Our highest quality pastries, many award-winning and all delicious. Includes Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee House Danish, Strudel Danish, Down Home Muffins, Cookies and Snacks.

Tina's brand: Everyday, Every Way.

Quality meets the everyday with our Tina’s brand. Customers everywhere are now enjoying Tina’s expansive selection of everyday pastries and snacks with their BIG appeal. Tina’s everyday quality products include Monster Muffins, Bearclaws, Cinnamon Rolls, Cake Slices and more.

Dulce Pradera brand: The Authentic Mexican Bakery Brand.

Deliciously authentic,our Dulce Pradera Authentic Mexican Bakery brand offers quality ingredients, traditional recipes and a contemporary look that’s sure to wow the Hispanic market. Product line includes Conchas, Empanadas, and a variety of popular Mexican breads.

Tina's Traditions: All-Time Traditional Favorites.

We created the Tina’s Traditions line in response to your customers' cravings for familiar treats like Honey Buns, Fruit Pies, Cinnamon Rolls and Mini Donuts—all with a delicious taste, and a fun, new look and extended shelf life.

Check out the delicious product offerings of one or all of our bakery brands