Selling is simple

We Do Most of the Work for You

We know that to be successful we need to satisfy three customers—the consumer, the store manager and the distributor. So, that’s exactly what we do.

The consumer simply wants a great-tasting product at a fair price. If it makes them say “WOW,” we know they’ll be back for more.

As for you, we know your time is precious. So, we’ve designed a selling system that’s so easy you’ll actually enjoy selling our products. Everything we make is baked fresh and flash frozen—creating a fresher than fresh product. All you need to do is remove what you need from the freezer when you need it, thaw for an hour, place the product in one of our many ready-to-use merchandisers and sell. Take stock of displays regularly and repeat!

Bake shop quality made simple. We provide easy execution, with the right amount of product at the right place at the right time. Our foodservice 4-pack approach lets you thaw and sell only what you need daily. Plus, our unique merchandising displays help you sell more bakery goods.

Gourmet taste all wrapped up. Upgrade your gourmet-coffee program with our quality grab-n-go individually wrapped pastry program and our award-winning handwrapped cookies and snacks. If you want a successful foodservice program, we offer the best.

The perfect system for you. Stop working so hard. Distributing Prairie City Bakery products is easy. Once your customers see and taste our award-winning products, they’ll be sold.