Keeping It Simple for You

Distributor Simplified Solutions

Prairie City Bakery offers three complete bakery programs for your bakery needs. We’ll help you “put the pulse back into impulse sales” with our Down Home Cookies, Brownies, Pretzels, and Ooey Gooey snacks that practically sell themselves when they’re placed by the register. Visit Our Products section for more detailed information.

Cookie Countertop Solution

If you have a cash register, we have the Cookie Counter Top Solution for you. We send out over 18,000 Slant Back Cookie Racks every year FREE* of charge to customers that feature our Down Home Cookies on their front counter. Our Cookies have a hand wrapped look with the label on the back which gives you a fresh-made cookie look right on your counter. Who can resist?

Wrapped Pastry Solution

We’re your Gourmet Coffee’s Best Friend. Our quality individually wrapped Cinnamon Rolls, Muffins and Danish will be your gourmet coffee’s new BFF as they’ll complement each other. They look great and taste even better—and each offers simple Coffee Bar Wire Counter Racks to help you sell.

Prairie City Bakery has added three new brands to give you the total package of bakery product that your customers are looking for. Spanning the everyday to our most premium selections, plus traditional favorites and ethnic offerings, each of these unique brands offers its own consistent look, taste, positioning and price point.

Feature them separately with our attractive display racks or merchandise them together to transform your store into a full fledged bakery destination. With something for everyone, Prairie  City Bakery is your complete package for sweet success.

Bulk Bakery Case Solution

Our Bulk Bakery Case Solution is the answer to your foodservice bakery needs! We offer Bake Shop Quality Made Simple with our quality Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee House Danish, Down Home Muffins and Donuts, which are all offered in small, convenient 4- and 6-packs. And our Cookie Warmer program presents a new bite-sized treat! Visit Our Products section for more detailed product information.

Psst…Prairie City Tip: Our Foodservice 4-Packs are the perfect Bakery Case Solution, offering variety with just the right amount at the right time. Mix and match what sells best. No more waiting on a driver or having too little or too much product. Our program puts YOU in control of what and when products sell.

Bring some extra “WOW” to your store with Prairie City Bakery. It’s what we do.

For more information, download our sell sheets and contact us today!